We provide care for women from adolescence through menopause and provide extensive general, preventive and specialized gynecologic care.  We perform many procedures in the office including Novasure for heavy periods,  colposcopy and LEEPS to manage abnormal paps and urodynamics to evaluate urinary incontinence.  In addition, we perform minimally invasive surgery which provides a faster recovery time for patients.

Our services include:

Routine Exams & Pap Smear
Breast Disorders
Contraception - Including: 

Prevention & Treatment of sexually transmitted infections
Abnormal Pap smears and cervical dysplasia (
Fibroids (
Uterine Prolapse
Chronic Pelvic Pain
Abnormal Bleeding (Abnormal Bleeding,
Vaginal Infections
Premenstrual Syndrome
Sexual Dysfunction
Perimenopause, Menopause and Postmenopause  Management (Click here to read more)
Bladder Problems & Incontinence  with Urodynamics
Nutrition & Weight Management
Cancer Screening
Osteoporosis (