Contracted Insurance Companies

Seattle OBGYN Group, a division of Women's Healthcare Alliance

  • Cigna
  • Lifewise
  • First Choice
  • Medicare
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
    • Some out of state plans have narrower networks of providers that may require you to seek care in a specific state- please check with your insurance carrier if you have an out of state plan to see if this applies to your plan
  • Regence
    • We are not contracted with the “Real Value” plan
    • We are not contracted with most of the Regence plans on the Washington state health exchange website
      • The only Regence plans offered on the exchange website which we are contracted with are the Swedish-Providence Alliance plans
    • There are several plans through Regence that require you to see a designated network of providers (called an ACO plan)- please check with your insurance carrier if you have an ACO plan to see what network of providers you should seek care from
    • If you have a Uniform Medical plan through Regence, we are only contracted with the “Classic” plan - we are not contracted with the “Plus” plan (unless you have the Puget Sound High Value Network plan (or PSHVN) and are seeking OB care)
  • Premera
    • We are not contracted with the "Personal Care" plan  or any of the "Med-advantage" plans
  • Group Health
    • We are only contracted with the "Options PPO",  "Access PPO", and "Omni PPO" (formerly KPS) plans- for all other plans, please contact your insurance carrier to see what network of providers you should seek care from
  • Aetna
    • We are not a designated provider on the Aexcel plans- if you have this type of plan, please contact your insurance carrier to verify what your level of coverage will be with a non-designated provider
    • If you have a "Whole Health" plan, we are only  an in network provider if you have selected the "Providence-Swedish Alliance'' as your  network- if you have a different network, please contact your insurance carrier to see what network of providers you should seek care from
  • United Healthcare
    • We are not contracted with the "Neighborhood",  "Community", "Apple Health", or "Healthy Options" plans
    • We are contracted with the "Navigate" and  "Charter" plans offered on the Washington state health exchange website, however Swedish Hospital is not contracted with the "Charter" plans
  • Please note, this is a guideline of the most common insurance providers we work with. It is not an all-inclusive list. We may not be contracted with the specific network you have through one of these insurance companies. If you do not see your insurance provider listed here, or have further questions regarding your particular plan, please contact your insurance company directly. When contacting your insurance provider, please refer to us as Women’s Healthcare Alliance, as this is the group name under which our insurance contracts are written.
    Our group tax identification number number is 46-3169862.
    You may also contact our billing office at 206-682-5843 for further questions or assistance.

    Insurance Coverage:
    Insurance coverage is a contract between you and your insurance company. It is essential that you understand which services are covered by your plan and obtain any necessary referrals prior to your appointment with us.

    If your insurance policy specifies which laboratory you must use, please inform your care provider at the time of your visit so that we may route your specimen correctly.

    Patients with non-contracted plans may be seen at Seattle OB/GYN Group, but we will ask you to sign a waiver at the time of your appointment. In order to avoid any surprises about your bill, we advise that you contact your insurance to verify your out of network benefits prior to your visit.

    Seattle OB/GYN Group will submit claims directly to your insurance company when we are provided with the necessary information. Please bring your insurance card(s) to your visit. Although we endeavor to help patients with insurance questions and benefits information, it is the patient’s responsibility to determine her policy’s benefits and requirements and obtain a primary care physician’s referral or second opinion if insurance requires it. If you have any billing questions, please do not hesitate to contact our billing office. If you have financial difficulties, please communicate them to us as soon as possible so that we may work out a mutually beneficial payment plan.

    Most insurance policies do not require a referral for obstetric or gynecological care. If you have questions about your policy’s referral requirements, it is best to contact your insurance carrier prior to your visit. When referrals are needed the primary care physician’s authorization must be dated prior to the visit in question.

    Pregnancy care and Global Billing:
    Routine prenatal care and delivery are normally billed together as a global fee. The global fee for obstetric care includes your routine prenatal visits, the actual delivery and a post-partum check- up. Procedures and problem work ups are billed separately as they occur. Laboratory testing, ultrasounds, and hospital fees are billed separately by the providers who perform those services. If for any reason you do not complete all of your prenatal and delivery care with our providers, or if you have a change in insurance coverage during the course of your pregnancy, the global concept may no longer apply. In such cases, there will be separate charges for the visits based on dates of service and coverages in place. If your insurance coverage changes while you are pregnant, please inform our billing office immediately.