"Dr. "Peggy" Margaret Hutchison is an exceptional women's "health" doctor on all levels. She is incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive regarding a women's personal biological journey, and restored my health so that I could function again in my marriage as a good partner. Dr. Hutchison has anticipated my needs as I have aged, and taken care of issues, such as bone density before they have become a problem. Dr. Hutchison is kind, caring, compassionate, practical, hands on, takes time, and is very current with technology. She is a very skilled surgeon. Just read the number of medical skills and interests she has on her website. She is very well respected in the medical community. Dr. Pritchard, my husband’s hip doctor, said "who has not heard of Dr. Hutchison". I would like to mention how helpful, kind and lovely everyone I have encountered at the clinic is. A special mention for Lisa Crosby, who I saw once, when I could not see Dr. Hutchison, and who I found very wonderful. I am seventy two, and most grateful to have this doctor in my life."

"I wanted to write about how Dr. Peggy Hutchison, Lisa Crosby and the Seattle team have changed my lifestyle.  Seattle OB/GYN has always taken good care of me and when I continued to suffer terribly from abdominal pain, scar tissue and the unfortunate mystery pain, Dr. Hutchison suggested ROBOTIC surgery.  My surgery day experience from my nurses to my anesthesiologist and even the warm blanket before surgery was incredible.  I couldn’t have asked for a better team to be there with me; they were funny, kind, warm hearted when my family and I needed it most.  After my surgery, I have not felt this well in a decade.  This has changed the lifestyle I have with less abdominal pain, less days missed from work, less stress and days missed from work, less stress and missed from my life."  A.B.

"This note is to thank you for saving me from such debilitating heavy periods.  I had “justified” for years that they weren’t “so bad,” but finally after having ‘accidents’ at home, work and out to dinner, I reached the point where I needed to do something! 
The in-office ‘ablation’ procedure seemed to be the answer for me.  It was a simple, quick procedure and I am so grateful for your reassuring and expert advice and would recommend it highly to people with heavy periods.  I only wish I had done it sooner.  Thanks again!"

“ I felt like I was bleeding to death each month.  The Novasure has been a life changing experience.  I owe a tremendous thanks to Dr. Kimelman for suggesting it- MP”

"We are so grateful that you had faith that a VBAC was possible. During labor when we were starting to have doubts, you expressed encouragement which helped keep our faith alive. We felt comfortable and confident during the entire process. Our pregnancy and labor/delivery was a wonderful experience."

"I have had major issues with my periods since I was a teenager. Even with birth control I experienced heavy bleeding and severe cramping, so much so that it kept me from living my life during those first few days. The only times I had relief was when I became pregnant and while nursing my two kids. Once my periods were back in full swing I was at my ropes end and considering a hysterectomy. That is when my Dr. suggested the Novasure procedure. I decided to go ahead with the procedure and I am ecstatic that I did. The results are amazing and I am now free to live my life without the worry of an “accident” or the onslaught of pain. The Novasure was the best alternative procedure for me and I am happy I did it.
Thank you so much!!!"
Michelle C.

"Having the Novasure procedure has changed my life. I went from having such heavy flow that I found it difficult to leave the house to absolutely no flow at all!
Having the procedure in the doctor's office was wonderful. I was in and out without a lot of paperwork and I felt the environment was more personal.
There was some pain and down time involved but it was so worth the result."
Nancy K

"Thank you so much for your wonderful care. Your knowledge, compassion and thoroughness have been so comforting to us during this time. I know you go the extra mile in your practice, and it is much appreciated."

"You made our pregnancy and birth more than everything we thought it could be. Your easy-going, yet knowledgeable attitude at our visits always made us feel at ease. Your support of our birth plan, from the very beginning, made it easy to talk to you about anything. You were so supportive and encouraging. Thank you for being an awesome part of our team, and for helping us achieve a safe unmedicated birth for our first child."

"We thank you and your team for the excellent care to our family as we welcomed our second child into this world. During the pregnancy, we appreciated how you validated our concerns, educated us to help us make informed decisions and keep our worries to a minimum. We are so grateful that you had faith that a vaginal birth was possible for our twin sons. During labor, as we were starting to doubt, you expressed encouragement, which helped keep our faith alive. We had a great experience with the entire Seattle OB/Gyn team. Appointments were always prompt and everyone was courteous and professional. Our pregnancy and the labor and delivery were a wonderful experience!"

"Thank you for being one of my favorite parts of having a baby! Your warmth, compassion, sense of humor and generous spirit - in addition to your expertise as a doctor - are tremendously appreciated. Our family thanks you! The opportunity to see you more just might tip the scales when considering baby # 3."

"We are so grateful to you for making the arrival of our daughter a success. You were such a joy to work with through this life changing event."

"Than you for helping to bring our two beautiful daughters into our lives. You gave us hope and a real chance of a life and family we have wanted for so long. There is no question that you are doing the work you are meant for and many people like us will also be incredibly blessed to have you to help them."

"Thank you for being so excellent at your work and so attentive that my experience having cancer was merely a short-term inconvenience and a temporary worry. I know it could have been tremendously more difficult. I am deeply grateful to you and your skilled colleagues, as is my family."

"We wanted to extend our sincere thanks for your excellent care in the delivery of our child. We were blessed by your presence - you brought a sense of peace and calm, and you seemed to intuitively understand my needs during the delivery process. Thank you!"